Top Dip Powder for 2021

Top Trending Nail Dip Powders of 2021

The dip powderfor nails have been in trend since last four decades, but in the past few year their popularity has suddenly gone up. It has gained attention and exposure from the beauty experts and nail artists as a high-tech alternative for gel manicures. Before we discuss about the some of the popular and trustable brands for nail dip powder, we need to know what are dip powders and how they are used.


As the name suggests, the nail dip or Top Nail Powder is used for application on nails during the multi-step process of creating nail art or gel manicure. Firstly, an adhesive is applied to the nails followed by dipping the nails into dip powder of specific colour and completed by application of sealing polish.

The dip powder process may be slightly complicated but it is done for various reasons. The most important reason is that when nail dip is used, the use of harmful UV lamps can be avoided (which is definitely harmful). It has the property of preserving the shine of the nails upto 2 weeks and depending on the quality of the dip powder this time lapse can also extend up to 4 weeks. It is known to enhance the life span of a typical gel nail polish. When the nail dip powder is used for manicure the resultant colours are more vibrant then the gel nail polish because the colour is applied on the powder instead of the polish. The dip powder is also known to improve the health of the nails. If it doesn’t improve, it doesn’t deteriorate at least.


When it comes to choose best nail dip powder, there are numerous brands available in the market today. The internet also is flooded with various brands of dip powders. Choosing the top nail powder is quite challenging. However, we are helping you with the following most popular brands which are trending in 2021.

SNS GelousColor

If you are choosing this product means you are choosing an all-rounder quality product. It has probably the best ingredient quality, resilience, breathability and best colour options. Mostly the high-profile salons and nail art parlours use SNS Gelousdip powder for dip manicures. It is so popular that you hear something like “SNS Manicure” just like many brands use their name with facials. SNS is one of the oldest trendsetters in the market of dip powders. They have been into this market since last three decades and have improved the quality of their product since then.

OPI Powder Perfection

The OPI’s nail dip powders are quite long lasting and have gained popularity because of their high-quality product. OPI was initially a dental product supplier and the first one to manufacture acrylic powder for nail application. The other products of OPI are also quite popular including nail polish and now gel and dip powder also. They use resin as their base adhesive material for nails. OPI offers numerous colour options to the nail artists to choose from.

Kiara Sky

Kiara sky nail dip powders are known for their quality and low cost as compared to other brands. They are made to be used mainly at-home so if you want to get a kit which can be used at home at an affordable price, the Kiara sky kit is the perfect one to start. The kit comes with all the essentials required for each step necessary for application at home. However, you cannot expect perfect results on the first go because it requires lots of practice and patience for perfect dip application at home. You can find tutorials on internet for the same. The colour options may be less with home application kit but it saves a lot of bucks.




Nugenesis is another brand name which has emerged as a strong contender in the market for dip powders. Those who want a quality and health benefitting dip powder, can go for Nugenesis as its formula is enriched with Vitamin E and calcium (good for nails). It gives as good results as the brands named above and is available for both home-application and professional use.

All the above-mentioned brands have a separate fan base, no matter which whichever you choose, the results you will get are mind blowing.

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