Best Software Tools for Writers

Best Software Tools for Writers

Best Software Tools for Writers

Writing of any kind requires a lot of planning, focusing, outlining, and brainstorming. That’s not just all, after you finish with your write-up, you need editing, proofreading, and more hairpulling to make it perfect. To make things easier the writer has to take the help of at least one best software for writers. However, the internet is a place, full of software for writers, and choosing the most appropriate one may be tedious. We are helping the audience with a few brilliant hand-picked software for writers which will help the writers for sure in numerous ways.


It is on top of our list as of now!

LivingWriter is one of the newest software tools for writers in the market, launched recently i.e., in 2018. Due to its multiple features, it has gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. The best thing about the app is that its appearance is very attractive and seems like the features from all past writing apps have been blended into one app and that is LivingWriter.

This software for writers has gained huge popularity in a short span of time to become of the hot favourite of writers because of its features which are more or less like those of Scrivener and many additional features. It has got a modern and clean user interface with the capability of live edits and sharing stories and write-up features. It is more or less a cloud-based application instead of a desktop one, just like Google docs.


Mostly the writers want an app that is dedicated just to writing. FocusWriter is one such software for writers which has a screen and space just for writing. It offers a simple writing space that can be customized and takes up the full screen. It is available for Windows and Linux. However, it can be downloaded for free with an option to leave a tip for the creator.

Papyrus Author

It is a word processor for all the writing stages of a book. It is a complete writing suite, customized for today’s writers. Papyrus Author helps the writers to get in the flow and convert those thoughts in mind into words. It is lightning-fast and spontaneous to provides a user-friendly interface for a smooth writing experience. It has in-built tools like style analysis and grammar check which can be added optionally. It also has an auto-backup which helps in retrieving any important data which accidentally got deleted, even after many days or weeks.


Do you have a story to narrate; Storyist is there to extract the writer out of you. It is one of the most powerful and best software for writers, screenwriters, and novelists. It’s not like the conventional word processors, but it helps the writers to track the plot of the story, its characters and settings. Overall, the whole of the writing work is kept organized and accessible, so the writers can focus on their story narration.

Storyist produces manuscripts and screenplays which are ready for submission. It provides a rich text editor for images, comments, headers, footers, and style sheets so that the writer can make a suitably formatted screenplay and manuscripts. It comes with a ready-made template so that the writer can focus on storytelling and not formatting.

Final Draft

It is one of the best software for writers amongst the top-class screenwriters and filmmakers across the world. It is more like screenwriting software and not book writing software. However, to get access to all the features you need to purchase the final Draft. Once purchased the user get access to all the interface. The interface might be confusing for beginners but once the screenwriters gets used to it, it becomes easy to use.

Here is the list of top 10 software for writers, go and check out the one you seek for –