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How to Reduce the Outdoor Temperature by Installing a Motorised Pergola

Motorised pergolas are the best way to optimise outdoor areas in hotels, restaurants and high-end residents of Dubai. The major goal of installing pergolas is to reduce the temperature of the outdoor space and make it worth spending time. These days aluminium is used more often in manufacturing pergolas instead of the conventional timber or wood material. The aluminium pergolas Dubai is proving to be longer lasting than the conventional timber pergolas and they require less maintenance. However, some users think that metal pergolas gethotter instead of reducing the temperature which is certainly not true. They are equally effective as the conventional timber pergolas,in fact, the Pergola contractors Dubai have many more benefits.

The pergola designs Dubai are mainly available in two options i.e. simple fixed louvers and motorised. A fixed louvered pergola is the simplest form of pergolas which have louvers fixed at a certain angle. The conventional timber pergolas are found in most of the Dubai but because the louvers are fixed, they only partially block the sun. To completely block the sun and reduce the temperature of your outdoor area you can install a fabric for protection that covers the pergolas and completely blocks the sun. If you want protection from rain then a fabric won’t be enough, you need something sturdier. The conventional timber pergolas are prone to Dubai’s weather that why the Pergola contractors Dubai are switching to aluminium for the manufacturing of pergolas.

The Pergola designs Dubai arenow modern looking and in line with the latest trends residents of Dubai now expect. All pergolas come in various designs and options. Simple louvered roof option is also available but motorised pergolas are more popular due to many reasons. The motorised pergolas have movable louvers, which can be adjusted to your desired angle. The motorised pergola lets you choose how much sun one would like to receive at a particular time. Using an app to control the angles the users can open the louvers for complete ventilation or allow the sun to completely shine through. When there is rain or direct sun on a hot day, the louvers can be closed completely for blocking the sunor rain.

As the name suggests the motorised pergolas have a motor attached to it and it is possible that it may malfunction due to various climatic reasons. To avoid this a fabric is available for protection which covers the pergolas and its motors and prevents it from failing. When you have metallic louvers like the aluminium pergolas Dubai, there is no problem of pergolas getting warped and you can sit back and relax by adjusting the louvers at a certain angle which can completely block the sun and reduce the temperature.


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If you think you need a shadedareabut a motorised aluminium pergolas Dubai is not suitable then the option of DIY retractable pergola canopy is available. The functioning of a retractable pergola canopyhas the shade cloth material installed on guide wires which allows you to open and close the canopy as you required. This option helps you reduce the temperature further by blocking the sun. Overall there are many pergola designs in Dubai available and each one can be customised to suite your exact needs.

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