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Why home security is important in the UAE

Home security from bugs and insects is very important in UAE because it helps to keep out these unwanted intruders from entering the house. The bugs and insects not only bring dirt to your home but they are also the carrier of germs of various diseases. The Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi has suggested that the insect screens for doors and mosquito net for windows are the best means to keep these bugs and mosquitoes out of the house without hindering the fresh breeze. The mosquito net Dubai companies provide high-class doors and windows mesh screens that provide all-around home security in UAE.

How the need for safety screens emerged suddenly in UAE

Earlier, most of the bugs and insects which are considered as pests now in UAE were not native of the UAE; instead, they have been brought here mistakenly as revealed in a study by Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi. The study on the garden and house-holds insect pests found in Abu Dhabi reveals that most of them have been accidentally introduced in UAE through some commercial movements, infested food items, plants or they have entered the country through the luggage of millions of travellers who visit the country each year. Every insect has an amazing capacity of multiplying and adapting to the climate of UAE, due to which they increased in number gradually.


UAE is a region with a hot and humid climate that facilitates the multiplication of mosquitoes, flies, and bugs naturally and very quickly. However, it is not something that can’t be controlled. Since then, the Insect screens Abu Dhabi companies came into action. They start suggesting the use of fly screens, mosquito nets, etc in every home. According to Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi every home in UAE should be equipped with fly screen doors and mosquito nets for windows so that the situation remains under control.

Home security from bugs initially may not appear important to us unless there is a large infestation, causes skin problems, or the transmission of diseases is identified. We don’t realize the importance of bug control and allow them to roam freely in our houses. Chemical treatment for the control of bugs is equally important but we can’t treat our homes chemically each day because they are inhaled by humans also and can be hazardous to health. It is better to keep the safety screens installed at home as prevention so there is a minimal entry of mosquitoes, bugs, flies, and other insects.

Not just insects, rats, and lizards have also been discovered in a lot of areas of the UAE. Once they enter the house, they probably prove to be very destructive. They feed on almost everything like clothes, books, food; every possible thing. The best way of preventing them from entering the house is to keep the gaps under the doors sealed and cover every opening of the home. The modern safety screens which are now available in Dubai and many other parts of UAE is taking the market on the storm. They are made of premium high-grade stainless-steel mesh which is very long-lasting as compared to the conventional flimsy screens.

These high-quality screens provide all-round protection to your home.

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