Pleated insect screens are now available in Abu Dhabi

Insect, mosquito and fly screen doors and windows UAENow you can create a better living environment in your home, free of bugs and insects because pleated insect screens are now available in Abu Dhabi and many other parts of UAE!

Although there was various kind of safety screens available with the mosquito net Abu Dhabi manufacturers, the modern pleated insect screens are gaining popularity. The pleated insect screens are completely different from the previous fly net screens or insect screens in many ways. The modern pleated insect screens not just prevent all kinds of annoying bugs and insects like mosquitoes, flies, and other flying bugs from entering your house but they have many other safety applications too.

They have a practical modern design in which the screen can simply be folded when not in use. The pleated screens are only visible when they are in use. The rest of the time when you want them to close, they remain fixed at the sides of the doors or windows without hindering the operating of your doors or windows.

The modern pleated screens have numerous advantages over those outdated flimsy screens which might have got broken by now. First of all, we will discuss why you need to replace those flimsy safety screens which aren’t of much use, and later we’ll discuss the qualities of the modern pleated screens and their advantages over the old screens due to which the product is taking the mosquito net Dubai market by storm.

Generally, the traditional insect screens which are prevalent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are made of fibreglass which cannot withstand the harsh climate of UAE for very long. If you have those old screens made out of flimsy material then don’t expect enough from them because they break easily and may require repair or replacement. Also, if there are kids and pets at your home, the insect screen has to withstand impacts and lots of other forces which will easily break them. If you are staying in a high-rise apartment, the fixtures of these will not prevent the kids and pets from falling off.

Modern insect screens can be made from high-grade stainless steel of Australian and US standards. Each strand of the net is powder-coated to prevent it from rusting and corrosion. The mesh of quality screens should be enclosed within aluminium frame made from high grade aluminium. Overall, the safety screens are sturdier than they might appear. They are impact-resistant and do not break easily when the pets or kids try to beat or push them. They prevent kids and pets from falling off a high-rise apartment.

These stainless-steel insect screens not only prevent bugs from entering but also prevent rats and lizards which is another problem in the homes of UAE. The rats can easily cut the conventional screens made of fibre, make holes in them and enter the house easily, but in the case of the modern pleated insect screens, they can’t do so. Hence these safety screens have multiple safety applications.

If you have decided to replace the old fly net screen with new ones, then this is the right time to choose the best safety measure for your family.


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