A4 Folder

Why choose a multi-page folder for your business

Business presentation folders can be usually found in most marketing packages. These are one of the oldest ways in promoting your products and services. But they still have relevance, especially in face-to-face customer interactions.

Folder printing is a very complicated process, especially if you have very limited knowledge about it. The process starts with a design phase that entirely depends on your taste. From the shape, layout, size, coloring scheme, every single factor is up to you.

You can also get a helping hand from the folder printing service. They will have graphic design experts who can guide you through the design process. After the design is completed, they can also educate you about the various methods of printing available too.

Unleash your Creativity

The conventional folders lack any character or artistic values as they are just two pages with two pockets to keep printed materials. The entire folder will have one color scheme which will bore anyone who picks it up. So in an attempt to stay unique in the market, companies have decided to add some customisation to normal folders.

There are many templates available online for both A4 and A5 folders. Some of these are free and some are printed. The truth is most of these have already saturated the industry, so it is better to construct a unique design that is not copied from anywhere. A good artist can come up with some artwork that can go in the folder along with the design. They can also help you with the placement of these and advise you about the best color schemes that will beautify the artwork.

Cover design can also be made interesting by adding some cool finishes. The front cover should always contain the logo and company name. This is the identity of your brand everywhere, so this is a must. If you want, the company motto or tagline can also be added to the front cover.

There are many ways that you can make a folder look different and interesting. The first is coming up with a different folder size. The standard folder will be the A4 folder. An A4 presentation folder carries printed and other resources and is obviously bigger than the A5 folder. The use of A5 presentation folders is best suited for smaller or dedicated product launches as a secondary folder. The folder sizes will be slightly larger than the paper sizes.

Simple customisation includes things like adding more pockets or a business card slot to the folder. Usually, contact information is placed on the back cover of the folder, but using a business card slot is innovative. This way, the target audience can easily get in contact with you without reading the entire folder.

After all the printing is done, you can add custom finishes and laminations to enhance the colors and design in general. A matte look or glossy look can make the colors more pleasing to the eye. Apart from these, there is also the Spot UV, Satin, Silk, and other finishes, each of which can be used as standalone units or throughout the entire folder. Logos and artwork can be made more classy by using new trends like foiling and embossing. These effects will highlight the areas in contrast to other design elements.

One More Page Please!

As you already saw, standard folders are usually two folds. But you can personalise your A4 presentation folders by adding additional pages. There are two ways this addition makes a folder different. For instance, three-fold door hanger printing can have a different pocket layout. Initially, it will come with a single pocket on the central fold.

More Space to Work With

The more space you have, you can add more information both on the pockets and on the folder covers itself. In the case of the three-fold A5 presentation folder, you can add extra inserts or pockets, which means more data can be stored.

It also makes arranging the information more easily. The first fold can have attractive promotional materials like brochures and flyers which are more likely to attract the reader’s attention. This way you can push the data-rich documents like sales reports to the last pockets.

Wrapping Up

Including additional pages is a good practice for marketing. Not only is it a good customisation method, but it also improves the chance to add more content in the future too. A standard two-page A4 folder is usually not enough for storing the entire details about a company or even the entire product catalog. In such a case, you can add as many pages to a folder to accommodate all this information.

Personalised A4 folders can also be made more artistic by using a different folder shape. There are folders in the market that are hexagonal and even pyramid-shaped. At the end of the day, the decision must be made depending on where you are planning to use the folder.