Key Benefits Of Steel Epoxy Coating

There are several ways to ensure protection of the surface, and one such effective way is epoxy coating. It is a thick, protective coating to the surface. This coating is applied to the carbon steel tank. Epoxy coats are also popular for flooring. This coating not only adds to the protection of the surface and is also used for decorative purposes. Epoxy coating uses compounds like resin and hardeners, and they provide the much-needed sheen and gloss to a floor or an area where you apply them.

Different purposes of use of epoxy coating

It is used for providing protection to the surface from abrasion, corrosive fluid, and extreme temperature. Because of this feature of epoxy, it finds application for both commercial and residential purposes.

Key benefits of epoxy coating

If you are still in two minds about the use of epoxy, then the following set of benefits will clear the air:

1.     Durability- One of the key advantages of epoxy is that it adds durability to the surface. Once epoxy cures, it creates a hard finishing which makes the surface highly durable. You can use epoxy floor coating, or you can apply an epoxy coating to metal surfaces. The epoxy paint coating lasts for almost five years, even if you keep the tank outdoors.

2.     Non-toxicity– People have become more concerned about the environment. They now want to invest in a product that is not only durable but also non-toxic. Eco-friendliness is a buzzing term nowadays. Since epoxy has higher courses, there is no fume generated, and it will not dissolve in the environment. It does not give out any fume in the environment and keeps the surrounding safe. This coating does not affect our breathing or the immune system.

3.     Weather Resistant– The next important benefit of going ahead with epoxy paint coating is that it is less prone to corrosion. Having an epoxy coating on the tank, it can easily withstand higher temperatures. The epoxy coats can bear high temperatures as high as 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it is also water-resistant, which again makes it durable.

4.     Impact Resistant– We have already highlighted that epoxy coating is strong and durable. What adds to the durability is that it is impact resistant. It doesn’t crack or split.

5.     Chemical Resistant- Chemical corrosion is very common in industrial plants, and this harmful chemical can resist corrosion. With epoxy coating, you can easily protect the tank. Since epoxy paint is resistant to corrosion and chemicals, it protects the surface from harmful impact.

6.     Cleanliness-  The next important benefit of epoxy coating is the epoxy coat gives a smooth and seamless finish to the surface.  In most cases, the coatings get washed away, but you do not have to worry about it with epoxy. It is easy to maintain and you get the best value for money as it runs on for years and there is no additional expenditure for round the year maintenance.

Wrapping it up !!!

These are a few of the reasons why most industries are now using epoxy coating. The use of epoxy coat is not market limited to coating the metallic surfaces, but it is also used for coating floors. Since epoxy paints are resistant to stain and corrosion, these become a great way to enhance the aesthetics of the flooring while ensuring its durability and longevity. As much as epoxy coats are good to enhance the surface’s durability, it is important to create the right mix so that you can get the right mix. Make sure that you hire a qualified contractor for this task.