The Ultimate Guide to Easter Umrah Packages

The Ultimate Guide to Easter Umrah Packages

Umrah is a sacred pilgrimage for Muslims. It reconnects them with spirituality and renews their faith in Allah. Muslims worldwide spend their lives saving for Hajj or Umrah, and it’s said only the blessed are called to the holy city for the pilgrimage. It’s impossible to find a month in a year when Makkah isn’t filled with pilgrims performing Umrah, except for Hajj.

The Muslim population is growing in Europe and the UK, and they have to align their Umrah plans with Christian holidays like Easter and Christmas. Easter always comes between March and April every year during spring. It’s the best time for the holy pilgrimage due to the pleasant weather, special Easter Umrah packages, and more. Here is why you should perform Umrah during the Easter holidays.

An Introduction to Umrah

Umrah is a journey to the holy city of Makkah. Unlike Hajj, it can be performed at any time of the year, except during Hajj. This makes it easy for Muslims worldwide to plan their pilgrimage around local holidays.

The pilgrimage isn’t done when Muslims reach the holy city, they have to perform ritual prayers. It has four pillars: Ihram, Tawaaf, Sa`i, and Halq. It’s a physically demanding pilgrimage due to the extreme weather and crowds. It’s a worthwhile journey that renews faith and rejuvenates the soul, with the right intentions.

Why Choose the Easter Umrah Package?

The world has become fast-paced, and people don’t get time for themselves or their loved ones except for public holidays. It’s difficult to plan a trip or pilgrimage during normal work days. Luckily, Muslims residing in the UK get extended holidays during Easter. It’s the best time for them to perform Umrah for multiple reasons. Here is why Easter packages are the best way to perform Umrah.

  • Extended Holidays: Planning the pilgrimage for Easter has the benefit of extended holidays. Pilgrims get a break from their fast-paced routine. The week-long holiday ensures the pilgrims are focused on their spiritual journey.
  • Weather: Easter arrives during the spring of every year. Saudi Arabia’s climate during this time is favorable for Umrah. The pleasant weather allows pilgrims to perform ritual worship and visit holy sites with relative ease compared to the summer.
  • Cost-Effective: Choosing an Easter travel package to perform Umrah is also cost-effective. Privately, it’ll cost you more as travel agencies negotiate bulk discounts for their customers. It’ll cost you even less if you opt for a group package, as the cost is shared among group members and the agency can negotiate better discounts for the group.
  • Hassle-free Journey: Umrah packages ensure a stress-free journey to the holy city. Privately, pilgrims have to plan the journey and living arrangements themselves. With Easter Umrah packages, the travel agency plans everything for them. It includes all the essential services like hotels, transportation, and food. If you Opt for a group package, the journey is well organized with planned activities.

Types of Easter Umrah Packages

Travel agencies offer a range of affordable packages. Pilgrims can choose the right package and customize it based on their affordability and the services they want. There are three types of Umrah packages: 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star.

  • 3-Star Package: This is the most affordable Umrah package with 3-star hotel accommodation in Makkah and Medina. The price of the package depends on how long you plan to stay. Visas and return flights are usually included with the package. Pilgrims can also make special requests with the travel agencies for ground transfers.
  • 4-Star Package: This package provides the best value for money with 4-star hotel accommodation, guided tours, visa facilitation, and transportation. The hotel is usually near holy sites, so pilgrims don’t have to travel long distances to perform Umrah.
  • 5-Star Package: The most luxurious package a travel agency can offer with 5-star hotel accommodation, direct flights to Makkah or Medina, scholars to guide you along the pilgrimage, guided tours to historical sites, and ground staff for support.

Tips for choosing the right Umrah Package

Multiple travel agencies in the UK offer Umrah packages, meaning pilgrims have a lot of choice in who to travel with. Here are some tips to help make an informed decision when choosing the right Umrah package.

Compare packages

Don’t settle for the first package you get, inquire from multiple travel agencies. Compare prices, accommodations, and the services included in the package. Guided tours, a helpline for emergencies, and visa facilitation are part of the package, ensure you get them. The terms should be transparent. Some travel agencies offer similar services at a lower price or better services at the same price.

Ask for recommendations

The reputation of the travel agency is an important consideration when booking your Umrah package. Choose a travel agency with a history and experience in organizing Umrah. Ensure the agency is ATOL or AITA certified and is recognized by relevant authorities. Seek customer feedback on how they treat and facilitate pilgrims. An agency with experienced staff will guide you through the process.

Check for hidden costs

Ensure there are no hidden costs, and seek transparency in the pricing structure. Ask about additional fees or hidden costs. Understand the cancellation and payment policies. A reputable travel agency will provide a complete cost breakdown of the journey.

Ask for special accommodations

If the pilgrim or their partner has a special need, ensure the package accommodates it. It can be an accessibility requirement or medical services. Negotiate the inclusion of these services before you book the Umrah package.

Tips for the Pilgrimage

Here are some tips to consider before leaving for Umrah to ensure the pilgrimage goes smoothly.

  • Check your documents: Before leaving for the airport, ensure your documents are complete so you can avoid trouble at the airport.
  • Pack Smartly: While packing for Umrah, check the current weather conditions in Saudi Arabia and pack accordingly. Also, pack two pairs of comfortable footwear.
  • Carry local currency: Pilgrims can pay with their debit or credit cards for everything during the pilgrimage. But they should keep local currency with them for unforeseen circumstances.


Easter is the best time to perform Umrah for Muslims residing in the UK and Europe. They get pleasant weather conditions, extended holidays to perform the pilgrimage in peace, and a stress-free tour with Easter Umrah Packages. Visit the website to get a quotation for your Umrah package and start packing.