Custom Beard Oil Boxes - Worth the Investment

Custom Beard Oil Boxes – Worth the Investment

Beard as a fashion is on the rise and those who keep it, are extremely brand conscious. Getting your beard oil in the market isn’t enough to make them switch to yours. This is where custom beard oil boxes help you. Custom packaging for your beard oil is one way to get noticed in the small yet competitive market and get brand recognition that you might not get with traditional brown boxes.

Why Invest in Custom Beard Oil Boxes?

Your beard oil brand’s received value can take a hit if the packaging is not up to current or customer’s standards. As mentioned before, beard oil users are very conscious about which brand of oil they use. With custom beard oil boxes, you can boost your presence on the market shelf and increase the perceived value of your product. This is just one reason why you should use custom packaging. Here is why you should invest in custom beard oil boxes.


Cost is the main concern of businesses when they produce their merchandise. Everything adds up to the final cost of the product. Traditional brown cardboard packaging is relatively expensive compared to custom solutions. Beard oil distributors with limited budgets can’t afford to use traditional boxes as it increases the cost, makes the oil less appealing over the shelf, and hurts sales in the long run.

Custom beard oil packaging, on the other hand, is affordable. This decreases the product’s final cost and increases your chances to boost sales. You can get a range of custom boxes for your beard oil at affordable prices, and even customize the package according to your needs.


Citizens of the world are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of everything. Brands that are sustainable or use recyclable materials, advertise it like a badge of honor as it is a big selling point nowadays.

Custom packaging is made from sustainable materials, limiting its impact on the environment. You can boost your sales by switching to custom beard oil boxes made with recyclable materials. This opens up avenues for sales of your product to an entire demographic. Not to mention, you build a positive brand image and possibly get free marketing through word of mouth.


Custom boxes are nothing but customizable. Different brands use different shapes and sizes for their beard oil bottles. Meaning, packaging requirements for each brand are different. With our custom packaging solution, you can customize the beard oil box to your liking. Not just the dimensions, but also how it looks.

You can create a unique and attractive look for your custom box using a range of custom designs. You can incorporate your logo with our designs and create something unique. Not only can you design a theme for the outside of the box, but you can also have the inside of the box printed. There are limitless possibilities for what you can design and have printed on the custom box.

Get Noticed

Beard oil is a small market but a competitive one, you need to distinguish your brand from the others. Using custom boxes, you can boost your noticeability in the market, potentially increasing your sales.

When you go to a market, there are products all around you. Which one do you reach for? Obviously, the one that grabs your attention. Once it is in your hands, you’ll likely buy the product. You can achieve the same effect with our custom boxes for your beard oil. You’ll get noticed instantly in a crowded market.

Increase Perceived Value of Product

Customers tend to buy products, even if they are expensive, provided the perception of their value is better than its competition. Take the example of the iPhone, it is not perceived just as a smartphone, it’s more of a lifestyle choice for many, and it sells like hotcakes despite the price tag.

If you want to succeed in a competitive market, you must increase the perceived value of your product. The customer must feel that your product is premium compared to others. You can achieve this effect with quality custom packaging. The box is the first introduction of your product to the customer. Using quality packaging, the moment your product is in your customer’s hands, their perception of your product sets in. Traditional boxes can’t convey the same effect. Using custom packaging, you’ll increase the perceived value of your beard oil and boost your sales.

Cost-Efficient Marketing

Marketing is necessary, it’s how your target audience becomes aware of your product. However, marketing isn’t cheap, and small brands can’t afford it due to their limited budget. Not to mention, it adds to the cost of the product, making it expensive and reducing your chances of succeeding if your competitor offers the same product at a lower price.

Custom packaging is a cost-efficient self-marketing tool. Unboxing products has become an experience in recent years. There are video channels dedicated to the unboxing experience. You can make unboxing your product an experience with custom beard oil boxes, making it a small puzzle that excites whoever opens it. People share their experiences on social media and once word of mouth gets around, you’ll save a lot on marketing in the long run. This lowers your cost of production and increases profit margins.


Beard oil bottles can get damaged during transit or shipping, causing leakage. This is not good for your business as you’ll not only lose sales but take a loss on the damaged product. Custom packaging provides better protection for your beard oil, maintaining its quality. Since the custom box is designed to perfectly fit the bottle design, it keeps the bottle from moving around unnecessarily. Protecting it from getting damaged. Not to mention, it takes less space compared to traditional cardboard packaging, meaning you can ship more of your product in a limited space compared to traditional packaging.


Gone are the days when brands used traditional brown boxes to ship their products in. Custom packaging is the new standard which provides better brand recognition and protection. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective self-marketing tool, can be customized according to the product, and is made from sustainable materials.  You can start getting noticed in the competitive market with our custom beard oil boxes that we offer at an affordable price.