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Know What is SEO copywriting and how it improves the ranking of your website

Digital marketing is a vast field to prospect the business worldwide to any corner of the world. Numerous ventures use digital marketing for the brand promotion at digital platforms. Digital marketing combines email, social media and web-based advertising and covers text and multimedia communications as a marketing channel. 

SEO Copywriting, Social media marketing, PPC are some essential components of Digital Marketing. These components are further accessible for the top ranking of a digital venture. Our Digital marketing company in Delhi will access you with its best digital marketing services in Delhi.  

In this article, we’ll explain what is SEO copywriting? And how to make it is helpful for the ranking of your website. So let’s move ahead to know more about it.

What are the two parts of SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting consists of two words

  1. SEO
  2. Copywriting

To understand SEO copywriting, initially, you have to understand what is SEO and what is copywriting?

  1. Seo: In the full words SEO means search engine optimization. It is a process by which the rank of your on different search engines will be improved. Seo is useful to improve the traffic on your website.
  2. Copywriting: Copywriting is the form of writing, which is being used to write advertising content and other marketing forms.

What is copywriting?

By targeting the specific type of keywords in the content, SEO copywriting helps to improve the ranking of your content on numerous search engines.

Seo copywriting will help you in retaining potential customers with well-developed content. Seo Copywriting consists of content that is valuable and compelling. Along with appealing content, it also involves some targeted keywords so that people can promote the content on numerous social media platforms.

Main Elements that may affect SEO Copywriting:

Speed of site

Since 2010, the speed of your site is the factor that may affect the ranking of your website. If the speed of your site is good. It will be helpful to generate high readers for your website. If the speed of your website is low then, it will not generate high readers and eventually, it affects the website rankings. Generally, the standard load time of the website is 2 seconds. But if your website takes more time to load. You need to improve it.


Content is a vitally important part of SEO copywriting. As it is the main reason behind surfing on web engines. If people find your content valuable then they will visit your website again and again. If your content does contain multiple grammatical and structural errors. People will not visit your site and all your efforts in doing SEO copywriting will get wasted.

 Meta Description

The meta description of your content will often be the “snippet” copy for the search result below the title, which impacts whether or not you receive the click and how your material is shown in a search engine. Try to keep the meta description around 165 characters long so that the entire description appears in the search results. 


You must focus on the headlines of your content. If they are not attractive then your content might be a waste.

Keyword Frequency

Keyword Frequency is the number of times by which keywords appear in your content. They are a vital element of SEO copywriting. If your keyword frequency is more than the recommended one. It will directly affect the readability of your content.

Ways to improve SEO ranking using SEO copywriting

Naturally use the keywords in your content 

Your SEO copywriting will attract more people when it looks attractive. For making your copywriting more appealing to the audience you should naturally use the keywords. For instance, in a 1000 word article, you should use the keyword 5-6 times so that your content will look more attractive to the people. If you use the keywords 10-15 times. then it will look awful to your readers. Preferably the keyword density in your content should be 5.5%. More than this density would be considered as the stuffing of keywords in the content.

In that case, many of the readers will refrain from reading the content. It will ultimately affect the ranking of the website. 

Do keyword research as per the requirement of the audience

For SEO copywriting, the keywords are necessary elements. Without the keywords, you cannot proceed with SEO copywriting. Well, you need proper research to find out the right keywords for your content. 

You have to research the keywords according to the perspective of your audience. To conduct keyword research, you have to keep the demand of your customer in mind. 

After it, you can proceed with the search of high ranked keywords according to the demand of your customers. You can then use high ranked keywords in your content for improving the ranking of your website.

Do proper formatting of the content along with adding images

You should do the proper formatting of your content along with images. As if your content is properly formatted then it looks more attractive to the reader. It will eventually increase the number of readers on your website.

You have to write the content with proper H1 and H2 formatting. It attracts the attention of more readers as it improves the readability of the content. 

Do interlinking

Interlinking is the best way to improve the experience of the reader while reading the contents. You can do the interlinking on the keywords that are linked with the content to its anchor text. It can help to increase the ranking of your website. It can provide relevant information to the reader as by clicking on the interlinked word a reader can get the relevant information about the word

Final Words by our side 

When it comes to digital marketing, the importance of SEO copywriting cannot be overstated. For the content of any website to be properly indexed and ranked by Google, the content must be grammatically correct, relevant, and, most importantly, optimized in the best way possible. 

There is no doubt that the importance of SEO copywriting as a means of discovering your product/services will improve both sales and earnings.  

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