How to use DVT Compression Pump for Lower Limbs

The advanced medical lower limbs therapy products are designed to provide support to users who are going through severe ankle, foot, and knee pain. The variation in compression garments is creating many options for patients to get maximum advantage with the best features that only come with approved pumping devices. The method of using DVT compression pump is slightly different in every product but some standard procedures are similar and smooth for usage. Before getting the correct method of using compression footwear there are some basic details about DVT infection and medical equipment that must be obtained for avoiding any harmful issues.

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?

DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis is an extremely painful lower limbs disease that causes swelling and blockage of the circulatory system. Lymphedema and Pulmonary Embolism are the direct cause of DVT which can transform into a fatal disease if not stopped at the correct time. DVT symptoms involve foot blisters, inflammation, ankle soreness, and heel pain. The secondary symptoms include the legs’ skin color change, a toe rash, and a knee cap ache. Compression therapy is the only solution to prevent DVT from turning into Acute disease.

The blockage of blood vessels occurs when a person lacks muscle movement or experiences foot injury. The blood clots are formed when lymph fluid or excessive storage of fatty tissues in the veins creates barriers for blood cells. If proper circulation does not occur then the pooling of blood clots may stop all major body functions including the respiratory and nervous systems.

How DVT Compression Pump work for Leg Swelling

The sequential compression pump’s main purpose is to cover all areas of lower limbs by generating cyclic pressure on the muscle walls to force clotted blood to break up and clears the passage for fluid flow in the veins. This DVT Compression Pump wraps around lower limbs and quick air inflation/deflation moves the blood from swollen parts to other areas of the legs. This rhythmic compression therapy minimizes the pain and heals the swollen areas. The compression garment mimics the natural system of blood movement by decreasing the volume of arteries and veins increasing the velocity of blood flow.

There are three main parts of DVT compression device which are;

  • Programmable/Non-Programmable LCD pumping machine.
  • Air pipe connects two key parts of the device.
  • Soft compression sleeves have air chambers to increase circulation.

The compression sleeve works when it receives a signal from the manual controller and starts applying pressure on the leg muscles, this inflation and deflation system continues for three to four minutes straight. After consecutive usage of these devices, patients facing DVT can feel some change in their infected areas due to normal blood flow rate. According to medical research, those users who are actively using DVT Compression Pump have faster healing operation and restoration of the circulatory system than patients who only depend on the medication.

Easy way to use DVT Compression Pump for lower limbs

Some simple easy steps can help the fresh user to gain quick results for decreasing harsh pain in the legs.

Step 1

Slide your leg in the sleeve and reach your foot to the end part of the compression garment. Make sure it fits perfectly and does not cause any uncomfortable feeling.

Step 2

Peel the proximal end part of the sleeve upwards and plug in the air tube in the sleeve socket.

Step 3

Check the user interface board of the DVT Compression Pump and fully charge the battery before using the device.

Step 4

Adjust the pressure level, according to a podiatrist who normally suggests this compression therapy approves level 20 to 40 mmHg for good results. Ask any healthcare expert to manually fix the device if elder people are using it who lacks knowledge about DVT pump.

Step 5

Start the device and use it for at least one hour in the morning or evening but try not to use it at night because it may block air passage which might become a fatal incident for the user.

Step 6

After completing the cycle, stops the machine and slowly pull off the sleeve. Fold the sleeve and unplug the pumping machine. The best place to use these compression gears is near the bed or chair but never use them on a damp floor. Keep them in dry and get an authentic product from a recognized online store.

Benefits of DVT Compression Pump for Home Use

The applications of using DVT compression footwear are countless but concerning foot or ankle pain they can help to prevent:

  • They can improve the lymphatic system and prevents chronic infection.
  • Boost up the vascular flow.
  • Reduces lymphedema and PE.
  • Enhances wound healing and ankle soreness.
  • Restricts accumulation of blood clots or lymph nodes.
  • Blocks the chances of acute DVT cases.

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