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How to protect your Dubai home from mosquitoes

The residents of Dubai should now start thinking seriously about protecting their homes from the attack of mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. In Dubai, around 10 species of mosquitos are found. Apart from mosquitos, bugs, mites, and other insects are becoming a problem in Dubai homes. Our motive is to popularise the use of mosquito nets and natural ingredients to get rid of mosquitoes.

Our three-step guide will help you in protecting your home from mosquitoes effectively and naturally.

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Restriction of entry of mosquitoes: This is the first step and the most important one. We can provide maximum protection from mosquitoes to our home if we by any means stop the entry of mosquitoes. For this, we need to install mosquito net windows and doors in our houses. The homeowners don’t need to replace their existing doors and windows, but yes, those flimsy and brittle insect screens need to be replaced which are often more a liability rather than an asset. The modern insect net Dubai is the perfect solution for making a barrier between the mosquitoes and your home.

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Gone are the days when people of Dubai used those flimsy mosquito screens which were unable to handle the impact and unfavourable climatic conditions of Dubai. The insect net Dubai companies have now introduced modern mosquito nets and screens which have many more features than anyone could have thought earlier. For those who still don’t know what are the modern ways of protecting their homes from mosquitoes, keep reading and discover.

Restriction of mosquitos’ breeding: Despite providing various barriers, it is still likely that a few mosquitoes will enter your home. We need to make sure they don’t breed inside our house and multiply, because once they start multiplying it becomes quite difficult to control without chemicals. For restricting the breeding of mosquitos, we need to keep our homes clean, free from garbage and clutter, make sure that there are no deposits of stagnant water because it acts as the most favourable place for breeding.

Getting rid of mosquitoes: There is still a chance that despite complete protection, few mosquitos will be able to enter the house, somehow. It is important to get rid of them and the best means is to use some simple home remedies and herbal ingredients. Some of the tips which can be used to get rid of mosquitoes naturally are:

  • Use of Garlic cloves: The strong smell of garlic has mosquito repelling properties. The garlic cloves can be kept at those corners of the house where there are more chances of finding mosquitoes. This will naturally repel them.
  • Basil leaves: Same with basil leaves, the natural fragrance of basil helps to keep the mosquitoes away.
  • Essential oils: There is a long list of other ingredients which can be used to repel mosquitos from your home and they are easily found in every home. Clove, lemon, neem oil, lavender oil, coffee grounds, camphor, peppermint, etc are some of them.
  • Mosquito repellent plants: A variety of mosquito repellent plants are available which can be planted inside the home to keep the mosquitos away.

Follow these simple steps and keep your home safe from mosquito and bugs infestation.