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How Screen Frames Can Be Custom Coloured To Match Your Existing Door and Window

The installation of safety screens in Dubai homes is a must to prevent the entry of insects, bugs and unwanted intruders. It is also true that the outdated traditional screens made of fibreglass mesh are unable to withstand the hot and humid climate of Dubai and they get damaged easily. To deal with this problem, the mosquito mesh Dubai companies came up with the newly launched stainless-steel fly screens and mosquito mesh to give your homes a high-level of security and long lasting screen solution.

People in Dubai have a cosmopolitanlifestyle so they want their homes to be perfect. When installing a mosquito net or any safety screen they make sure that it goes in accordance with the existing colours of their doors and windows. With high quality screens made from aluminium frames, these frames can be custom powder coated to suite your exact style. These then blend in with the existing colour pallet of your home.

If you really want to provide high-quality and advanced security on your home then firstly you need to understand that those flimsy old screens won’t do it for you. You need to first free your home from those outdated screens which are neither strong enough to withstand Dubai’s climate normatch the colours of your existing doors and windows. Get them replaced with the high-quality safety screens which are modern and great looking.

Let’s start with your doors! When we talk about screen doors the screen door Dubai companies have solutions for all types of doors such as sliding doors, French doors and hinged doors. It means you have sliding screen doors, French screen doors and also hinged screen doors available. The frames for all these types of screen doors are available in a variety of colours which will be shown to you by the mosquito mesh Dubai company representatives, and you can choose the colour which goes in accordance with your existing home décor.

These screen doors not only enhance the visual appeal of you home but also provide world-class security to your family. They are manufactured using a patented system which offers protection from insects, bugs and unwanted intruders. It also allows ventilation so you can just shut these doors and enjoy the cool and fresh breeze throughout the night without being worried about insects or intruders. You can have a clear outdoor view from these screen doors. They have a three-way locking system for that extra security.


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Windows screens are also equally important as the screen doors. The installation mechanism is the same as the screen doors, i.e.,stainless-steel mesh enclosed within an aluminium frame. Frame colour can be chosen according to the existing colour. These window screens prevent bugs and intruders from entering the house. They are impact resistant and distortion resistant so they form an excellent means for kids’ and pets’ safety.

There are many benefits to stainless steel security screens which are some of the highest quality mesh screens in the world. Feel free to contact Safety Screens to arrange a free measure and quote today!

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