How PEOs help franchise business grow faster?

Are you running a franchise? If yes, then you need intellectual and experienced staff. No doubt, searching for adept employees is a laborious task. As an entrepreneur, you may not have expertise in recruiting staff for your organization. Don’t worry, there is a source that can provide you brilliant HR services. You might be thinking, what is that source?  PEO (Professional Employment Organization) can offer you outsourced HR services and guidance. Thus, you can keep your worries at bay when you have the support of a PEO. This way you can easily manage the day to day business operation without the stress of recruiting employees to your organization. 

Note that you will always need an astute HR for your organization. What kind of franchise are you operating? Is it an education franchise? You may need well educated teachers for your institute. So, seek help from a PEO to select staff for your franchise. It can aid in increasing the operational efficiency of your firm. Additionally, it can help in reducing cost and risk. 

Go through the following points to know how PEOs help franchise business grow faster:

There are a number of reasons that can persuade you to link with the PEOs. Read this article to know the help that PEOs provide. 

  • PEOs can burgeon a franchise

As per the research of NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer), working with a PEO can aid in growth of business by almost 6-7%. With the help of PEOs, franchisees can freely focus on the marketing, sales and other business operations. Therefore, help from PEO can relieve you from the stress of HR activities. Here is a list of work that you can delegate to a PEO:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Payroll
  • Compliance
  • Benefits administration
  • Claims management
  • Employee self-service
  • Open enrollment
  • Onboarding
  • Tax administration and filling
  • PEOs can help in keeping your doors open

NAPEO also unveils that franchises are likely to survive in the market for a longer period of time when they link with PEO. Therefore, PEOs keep franchises away from time frittering tasks. This way franchisees can easily focus on the bigger picture. Why do franchises or any other business fail? Forbes reveal the following reasons:

  • Insufficient business model
  • Money management issues
  • Ineffective marketing
  • Strong competitors
  • Didn’t have right team members
  • Ignored customers

It is clear that when an organization lacks in making suitable strategies it leads to aforementioned issues. How can you manage to focus on strategies, if you are burdened with employee recruitment. So, seek help from a PEO to get your employment work done. 

  • Offers training and development

There are various PEOs that can provide you training and development services. It’s obvious that you would like to train your employees regularly to improve your business operations. Here’s some good news for you. PEOs can offer top-notch training and development for your employees. Thus, PEOs not only help with recruiting but also training your employees. Moreover, PEO training services may include face-to-face or online training seminars. Therefore, you can also get free from worries of tutoring and training your employees.

  • Helps you in managing risk

Every business has an inherent companion i.e. risk. If you don’t have a foolproof plan to manage risks, then you can caught-off guards even after a minor upheaval. As a co-employer, PEOs can help you with managing those risks as well. You’ll get a trustworthy partner to survive the uncertainties of business. So, what else do you need? It is highly recommended to choose an illustrious professional employment organisation for running business operations smoothly.

  • Legal compliance

Law will not forgive you, if you fail to abide by it. Thus, it is not always that you intentionally breach any law. Sometimes you are incognizant of the law updates. A PEO can help you in getting all the recent updates of the law. This way you’ll stay updated to every recent law. As a result, it can become easy for you to comply with laws that concern your business. 

PEOs are your co-employers. So, they share the same obligations and responsibilities as you. PEOs promise you to protect you from legal issues. Therefore, they are your co-defenders in the sight of law. 

  • Reduce costs

Without a doubt, PEOs help in saving your time. Also, they can help you save money by:

  • Finding innovative ways to motivate your staff.
  • Excellent hiring services that lowers employee turnover.
  • Devising strategic plans for the future.

Here are some of the services that PEOs provide to cut cost of your business:

  • Conduct wage and salary surveys.
  • Preparing job descriptions.
  • Supervisor coaching
  • Compensation resources and tools.
  • Designing reward and recognition scheme
  • Company climate surveys

These are some of the services that can surely cut costs of your business. As a result, you can retain more money at the end of year. This is how PEOs can serve you in multiple ways.

If you are managing a coaching franchise, guidance of PEOs can ensure perfect business operations. Also, it can help in thriving business in no time.


We hope that the above reasons are enough for you to understand the importance of PEOs for your franchise. Note that PEOs are there to assist you for hiring and managing your staff. PEOs don’t replace your internal HR services. Additionally, they don’t have the right to control your franchise unit. You can link with the PEOs only if you don’t have an adept HR internal source. So, try to come in contract with a reputable PEO that can offer you the facilities mentioned above. For sure, it can help in proliferating your franchise by improving the quality of its daily operations.