How Often Should I Take My Car for Service?

Car has become a daily essential for our lives. There is not a day we can spend peacefully if our car gets damaged. If you have a new car, they have an in-built system of maintenance reminders. The system will provide you with an alert on the day when it is time for car service, fluid level check, component inspections, and other car maintenance.

But even if the maintenance reminder hasn’t come on, most automakers recommend having an oil change service every 12 months.

When Should You Service Your Car?

Old cars have services intervals based on their mileage. There are two different types of maintenance based on your driving habits:

  • Normal
  • Severe

You need to follow the more rigorous car service maintenance schedule if your car has to go through off road areas.

However, a huge amount of money on car servicing is spent so that your car may not need or benefit from.

What Car Services Should You Do Regularly?

You should at least have a drive for 10 mins in a week, even if you don’t have to. Lack of use of your car is bad. It is bad for the battery, will lead to tire inflation, brakes will get affected, and many more. In case you feel your car needs a service, then here are few checkpoints that will help you in the car service:

#1. Oil Filters or Fuel Filters: Fuel filters are an essential component of any vehicle’s system. If this filter is clogged due to debris from the fuel, then there are high chances that the car will not start. Every thirty thousand miles, you should change the oil filter or commonly known as fuel filters. Only a mechanic can state the condition of your filter with the help of a pressure test. Every time you go for a car service, make sure that you check the oil filter. 

#2. Important Accessories: The things like wiper blades, windshield hoses, and rubber gaskets are critical parts and should be changed. A reduction in the performance of your car is the sign of danger and your mechanic can upgrade these parts. 

#3. Spark Plug: The spark plug plays an important role in the ignition of the engine. Your spark plug does not need any replacement until the car crosses forty thousand miles. However, modern cars with modern technology require spark plug change when the car crosses the 120,000 mark. 

#4. Brakes and Brake Pads: For a driver, a good set of brake pads and shoes is crucial. They should last at least fifty thousand miles. Before using the brakes, they should be thoroughly examined and changed if they begin to produce noise or screech. The brakes have to be functioning properly or else the car becomes useless and dangerous. The brake is the main part and it has to be properly checked before you put your car on the road. 

#5. Tires: Tires are an important component of the vehicle’s system. According to Edmunds, the chemical component included in rubber in the tyre breaks down naturally, resulting in tyres regardless of how many miles are traveled or the shape of the tyre. Even though the tyres appear to be in fine operating order, they must be replaced every six years. 

Nevertheless, you should always inspect a new car thoroughly for signs of damage before buying. Even new ones can have problems and might lead to a huge loss. One even suggests taking a picture of the new vehicle for the vehicle identification number on the vehicle you agreed to buy. Remember the right time to take your car for a service is the moment you spot a glitch and a small functioning error.