Read this if you are Planning to Immigrate

People all over the world may have a dream of a better life for which they are willing to leave their own country. The reasons for immigration will vary from work, education, travel or just to find an alternative lifestyle. If you are packing your bags to move, it is time to learn what the best immigration consultants in Dubai can do for you.

Who is an immigration consultant?

A professional consultant from immigration services in Dubai is qualified personnel who help people to immigrate to another country. This includes help for both legal and documentation processes that need to be completed before someone can be welcomed into a country. They perform a wide range of roles in the above mentioned processes about which you will see in detail below.

Responsibilities of an Immigration Consultant

These professionals help you move to another country for any of these purposes- study, travel, business or for employment. Here are some of the common services provided by the Immigration services in Dubai.

Educate the client about various programs for entering a country

Each country has a different immigration process. Countries like the USA have a comparatively longer and rigorous process of screening people for Visa. But in Canada, however, the stages of getting in are lenient. With programs including express entry, family sponsorship and PR, a good Visa consultant in Dubai will make a client aware of the best chances they have to get accepted into the country.

Apart from this, a good PR consultant in Dubai can help you speed up the process of getting permanent resident status. They will not only be knowledgeable about the legal proceedings but also on factors like quality of life, health and others.

Accessing chances of a client and prepare them for the Visa interview

Once you have submitted all necessary documents to the Visa consultants in Dubai, they will analyse the merits and shortcomings in them. Certain immigration programs take into account parameters like age, educational qualification and work experience.

Most people usually get stuck during the eligibility check where they are required to submit sealed transcripts. If you are doing this on your own, it will take longer to figure out what goes where. In such scenarios, having a consultant present will make things much better for you.

A good consultant can help you give the right answers in the Visa interview too; increasing your chances of qualifying.

Completing paperwork and checking for errors

There is usually an extensive amount of paperwork related to the immigration process. For someone who is new to the process, this could get confusing very fast. The jargon can make you commit silly mistakes, which, if left unnoticed, can lead to deem your visa application useless.

There are various ways to attain, say, a work visa in countries like Canada. There are plans for students who complete their graduation to stay and work for a few years. Plans like this can be easily explained by an experienced work visa consultant in Dubai.

Immigration consultants vs Immigration Lawyers

One of the commonly asked questions is how an immigration lawyer is different from a consultant. Both of them are fairly similar in the roles they play in a client’s immigration process.

Both the consultant and lawyer will be well knowledgeable about the legal aspects of your application and entry into a particular country. But if you look closely, the educational qualifications of each of these personnel vary largely.

For example, in Canada an immigration lawyer must have a three year law degree which includes an internship with a law firm and also requires them to pass a bar exam to make them legally authorised to represent a client in court. They can assist you with immigration interviews and can even accompany you during these proceedings.

An immigration consultant, on the other hand, will still be able to do the necessary legal documents for a client. But the lawyer will have more legal experience than a consultant. Also, in the cases where the client needs to go to court, the lawyer is the only person who has the authority to represent his or her clients, and the consultant cannot do the same.

Wrapping Up

Immigration consultants are responsible for guiding the clients through all the procedures required to successfully move to another country. They offer services, including helping their clients understand the various programs and procedures that they need to go through in order to get a visa. Furthermore, they have knowledge about completing the legal documentation and helping the client successfully pass the interviews, too.

The communication between the clients and the consultant can happen via email or telephone too. Since the pandemic has limited human contact, this is a great way to keep up to date with your immigration plans. The best immigration consultants in Dubai will work for you within strict timeline and make the process fast and easy.