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How Are Pleated Screens Fixed To A Door Or Window?

Flyscreens and mosquito nets are a must-have for homes and villas in Dubai. No matter how hygiene-conscious we are or how hard we try to clean our homes, we cannot stop unwanted bugs, flies, and mosquitoes from flying into our houses as unwanted guests. Not only do they bring disgust to our houses, but they are also carriers of various diseases. Therefore, we need protection from them at any cost. Luckily, screen door Dubai manufacturers have given us various modern insect screen options which are specially designed for the extreme climate of Dubai. These insect screens not only look great on all types of doors and windows but also provide long-lasting protection from bugs.


What’s in trend?

If you are planning to get a new mosquito net or flyscreens fitted to your villa or you need an insect screen repair to change that worn-out mosquito net that you’ve been using for years, then read on. The trendiest and the most popular fly screens that are prevalent in Dubai and across UAE is the pleated retractable fly and insect screen. It offers great protection against all bugs and is available in a wide range of designs to fit any door or window. It is meant to suit exactly the villas of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and across the UAE. The pleated screens are the latest design and are gaining popularity around the world. With modern design we mean to say, it is a functional screen with durability and available at an affordable price.

How are the pleated screens installed?

The pleated screens are installed in three simple steps. Firstly, the existing doors and windows are measured by the professionals of screen door Dubai manufacturers so that the pleated screens can be custom manufactured. Secondly, heavy-gauge screws are used along with heavy-duty double-sided tape to fix the screen. Lastly, the entire installation is then reviewed by trained professionals for perfection.


Want to know more on how they are better than the conventional insect screens or mosquito nets. We have reasons for you.

High Quality: It is obvious that this screen is trending in Dubai so definitely it has a higher quality than other traditional screens such as the roll-up screen. It is made up of high-quality polyester mesh which is designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the Middle East. The polyester mesh lasts longer than fiberglass screens.

Functionality: It is functional and not still unlike the conventional mesh and screens. The design is simple to use and can be fitted in French, sliding, hinged doors, and tilt windows. The screens can be folded away easily when they are not in use which has the added bonus of protecting them from the sun.


Customized colors: The aesthetics of these pleated screens are great. You can choose the frames in colors that will match your home’s walls and existing window frames. An extensive range of colors is available.

We trust you’ll also see the many benefits of pleated screens and look forward to visiting you for a free measure and quote across the UAE!

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