Designer Cake Ideas to Surprise your Sweetheart this Valentine

As we know Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you must start planning to celebrate your valentine’s day with your special one. This day is all about love, emotions and care. And must be thinking harder to make this day more special for your special one with a lot of excitement and surprises. If you want to make your valentine’s day marvelous then cake will be the best option because cakes are delightful and beautiful. Cake will enhance the occasion and it will add sweetness in your life. Because people believe whenever we start something or do something special then mitha is very important. So, celebrate your valentine’s day with some mitha cake. If you are looking for valentine’s day cakes ideas which are not only beautiful but also steals anyone’s heart then we are having some incredible valentine’s cakes ideas for you.

  • Red Velvet Heart-shaped Cake

We all know red is a color of love and if we add red color and heart shape together then it will become a real red heart. This red velvet heart shaped cake is a love cake and it is a very spongy and moist cake. This cake is layered with the ermine frosting. Also cake layers are covered with the red velvet crumbs and these crumbs will instantly melt in the mouth.

  • 3 Layer Cake

You can surprise your loved one with a 3-layer Valentine’s Cake. These 3-layer cakes are very beautiful and gorgeous looking cakes. You can customise the cake with roses and inscriptions to make this cake extra special. All cake designers put extra efforts to make this cake look fantastic.

  • Couple themed Cake

Couple themed cakes in another incredible valentine’s day cake which you can order for your partner on a valentine’s day. In these cakes you will find a couple which is holding each other and a lot of hearts around them. These cakes come in several flavors and sizes. You can also convert into the tier cakes also. These cakes are so romantic and impressive. You can place order cakes online from any cake shop near me.

  • Swirls Cake:

Valentine’s day is a special day which comes once in a year, so it needs to be celebrated with a special gorgeous and delicious delight like swirls cakes. These swirls cakes are so pretty which can take anyone’s attention. These swirls cakes come in several flavors and the frosting is prepared by melting buttercream. Through the swirl cake it will be the best way to say I Love You.

  • Photo Cake:

If you want to cherish your first meeting or first selfie then photo cakes are the best way because on these cakes’ photographs are imprinted. And the ink which is used to make photos on the cake is edible ink. This edible ink photo is prepared on the sugar based frosting sheet or wafer paper, and this sheet or paper is placed on the top of the cake. This will be an incredible way you can surprise your special one and make your V-day special.

Nowadays these cakes are very trendy and most of the people demand these cakes. These cakes are easy to prepare, you just need to find a reliable online cake shop like Indiagift. And send the specify and photo which you want to customize then they will send a photo cake online at your destination address.

  • Royal Cakes

Royal cakes are magnificent cakes. These cakes are multi-layered tiers cakes. In these cakes royal icing is topped, with a romantic assortment of beautiful flowers and these cakes are featured with the intricate designs which helps to celebrate the occasion and also you will find some decorative elements. These cakes have a pastel-coloured background. This cake looks sophisticated, elegant.

  • Smashable Chocolate heart shaped Pinata Cake

This chocolate heart shaped pinata cake is basically a chocolate case which is in the form of heart shaped and this chocolate case is filled with candies, cakes, chocolate and some non-edible gift. This is the best way to surprise your partner on the valentine’s day. You can smash the chocolate case with a hammer to know the surprise. It will be a super fun, new and trendy way to smash the cake rather than the boring and traditional cake cutting.

A gorgeous looking designer cake will help you in show you love and affection towards your valentine and it will make your valentines day much more delightful and special. Many more option are available cake delivery in India. So, you can choose right and the best valentine’s day gifts as cakes for your sweetheart or you can choose an online cake combo from any online cake shop.