Advantages and disadvantages of aluminium and timber pergolas

A pergola is one of the most eye-catchy outdoor installations in the homes of Dubai. Hands up if you too wish to install a pergola at your Dubai residence. When you go to market for selecting the right pergola for your home, you will certainly get confused initially because numerous options are available in the market. You will consider a few key factors before buying and installing it and we are here to help you with it.

Although timber has been used for many decades for the construction of pergolas in Dubai, the pergola UAE companies have introduced other materials for their construction like PVC, aluminium, steel, and metal, etc. Out of the materials, aluminium pergolas are currently the most popular and longest-lasting option available. Homeowners who have been using timber pergolas are now switching to aluminium because of their many advantages.

However, each timber and aluminium pergola Dubai has its advantages and disadvantages which we’ll be discussing here.

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Timber is the most common and easily available material for building pergolas. It is very simple to work with timber pergolas. On the other hand, the aluminium pergolas are harder to work with during installation.

Design options

When it comes to design capabilities, timber pergolas have many design options. The columns, rafters, and stringers of pergolas can be given various designs according to the latest trends. When it comes to aluminium pergolas, they can be also be customised according to the need and outdoor décor but the design options available are unlimited. The aluminium pergolas are a bit harder to handle while they are constructed.

Maintenance of Pergolas

This is the most important factor due to which the timber pergolas Dubai are being replaced by aluminium pergolas. Timber pergolas require a lot of maintenance because they are prone to fungus, decay, distortion, and unable to handle the harsh weather of Dubai. On the other hand, the aluminium pergolas which are trending these days are made of high-grade aluminium which is rustproof and requires negligible or no maintenance at all. It is also safe in all types of harsh weather in Dubai; rain, heat, cold, etc.

So, when it comes to maintenance, the aluminium pergola win!

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Resistance power

The timber pergolas are resistant to sand and salt, but they can easily be attacked by mold, fungus, and rotting. They also become weak when exposed to strong heat for a long period. On the other hand, the aluminium pergolas are heat resistant and resistance to fungus, rotting, and corrosion.

Heat Conduction

In the extreme sun, the aluminium pergolas can become hot to touch, while the timber pergolas don’t heat up as much. This sometimes can be an issue for younger children if they grab a not section of the aluminium pergola.


When it comes to the cost of pergolas, timber pergolas are generally quite cheap and affordable, in the short term. This is the reason they are found in many homes in Dubai. Now, when everyone is so busy and cannot provide time for maintenance of timber pergolas, they are switching to aluminium pergolas even if its cost is initially a bit higher but we find in the long run they prove the more economical option.

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