5 Important Tips to Improve your Custom Lotion Boxes Packaging

Have you newly opened a cosmetic store? Is it hard for you to target customers towards your cosmetic brand? If yes, then possibly you might be lacking in the quality in the product manufacturing. Or the representation of your product on the shelves is not up to the mark. Not giving your product an attractive display on the shelves is your biggest mistake. To target more customers towards your lotion product, you have to include beautiful and fine-looking packaging.

A custom packaging design and its durability play a significant role. When it comes to improving your lotion box packaging, there are different aspects that you need to consider. You have to pay attention to each technical detailing of the box to make it look presentable and attractive for the customer. This is not just a necessity but a luxury need. Below we are discussing a few of the essential tips to consider when improving our custom lotion boxes packaging:

Add Excellence in the Box Quality

Your overall box packaging design is incomplete until and unless you do not add the element of excellence in it. Sturdiness, durable nature and high-quality are the few main elements that complete the whole box manufacturing to be the perfect one. Many customers are also curious to know about the material which is used in the box packaging. For the durable and long-lasting material is the first preference. Improve the quality of your lotion box by using excellent material options.

Use of Eye-Catching Designed Papers

If you are manufacturing your lotion boxes with the paper material, make sure it is supreme in graphics and texture. Hence, you can also emboss it perfectly. In this way, it can overall give the most pleasing appearance. These are all those little things that give your brand a stand-out look. It’s time to give your product a luxurious image. Trust me; your customers would love to hold your product again and again.

Use of Elegant Combination of Colors

The selection of the color shades for the box printing will depend on the audience you are targeting. You can give your box a favorable light coloration effect for the old age group of people. Try to look for the one which is not too much loud. But for the young audience, it would be rather best to look for colorful shades.

Attractive Logo and Font Style on Boxes 

When you are manufacturing a box, you are making an effort to use it for branding purposes. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the font style and logo color. Hence, it is much important for making your brand prominent. It needs to be colorful. Make it hence look clear for the customers to understand and it should be readable. The logo should be a big one. In this way, your customer can recognize you even in the crowd.


All the tips mentioned above are pretty simple and straightforward for improving a cheap lotion box designing. You can even look at your competitor brand and figure out how they have given their lotion product a complete representation. Design it according to your product and customer requirements.

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