19 Important Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Invisalign Treatment


You must have heard of Invisalign clear braces London. It is the clear and almost invisible alternative to traditional metal braces. They are made of medical-grade thermoplastic and are removable, easy and convenient to use.

Here are 19 tips you should know before using Invisalign

  1. You need discipline to wear the clear aligners

Yes, wearing the aligners is not all easy, but they need to stay there for at least 22 hours if the treatment must work. You will only take them off when you want to eat or clean your mouth.

  1. Never eat with your aligners on

Eating or drinking anything outside water with your Invisalign will make it stain. This will defeat the aim of invisibility and make your aligners look awkward. But ensure you brush and floss and clean your aligners when you are done

  1. Throw out coloured, sugary, and acidic drinks

These foods can cause your aligner to discolour; that is why you need to take them out before drinking. Also, remember to brush your teeth after that to prevent tooth decay.

  1. Let go of your lipstick

Invisalign are very clear aligners, and lipsticks can stain them. You need to let go of lipstick during your treatment and if you need a moisturiser for your lips, go for colourless lip balm.

  1. Avoid smoking with your Invisalign on

Smoking is not healthy for your gums and teeth, not to talk of your aligners. They will turn your invisible aligners into yellow and more pronounced creations.

If you must smoke, do so with your braces away.

  1. The results may not show immediately

You will notice some changes after two to three months, but observers may not see any substantial change until after four months. Be patient with your treatment; everything will fall in place when the time is right.

  1. Your teeth may become sensitive

The Invisalign aligners will be forcing your teeth to change their locations, and this will cause them to be more sensitive.

  1. Clean your mouth as well as aligners

Your aligners may become smelly and discoloured since they will be in your mouth for 22 hours. Always clean your mouth and wash your aligners in a cleaning solution and rinse with water before wearing them again.

  1. Removing your aligners may not be as easy as you think

Your aligners will fit snugly over your teeth, and since they are customised to fit your teeth, you may find it challenging to take them off. You can use a tool called Outie to make it easier.

  1. It is not an entirely painless procedure

Orthodontic treatments are not always painless, the aligners will grip your teeth, and for the first few days, you may feel sore. You may also notice that your aligners have sharp edges that hurt. You can solve the pain with over-the-counter medications and smooth the sharp edges with orthodontic wax.

  1. Your speech may change with Invisalign

You will need to adjust to your aligners. At first, you may sound funny while speaking or even find it difficult to pronounce some words, but with consistent practice (by continually speaking), you will overcome this challenge.

  1. You may need attachments for your treatment

Attachments and button will help your aligners grip well over your teeth. Your orthodontist will recommend this if the aligners don’t grip.

  1. There is no specific cost for Invisalign

The cost of treatment with Invisalign varies and is dependent on the number of aligners, buttons, or attachment you will use. All these boil down to the complexity of your misalignment.

  1. You may not be a suitable candidate for Invisalign

Invisalign is not ideal for treating every orthodontic case. Some cases are just too complex to be handled by Invisalign. Your orthodontist will examine you and recommend the best treatment method for you.

  1. You can have whiter and straighter teeth with Invisalign

Invisalign provides the tray that can help your whitening toothpaste stay on your teeth for long. So, while waiting for your teeth to straighten, make them whiter at once.

  1. There is no age limit with Invisalign

Almost everyone can get treated with Invisalign, even seniors. All required to use Invisalign is to be responsible enough to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day.

  1. You will need retainers after your treatment is over

It does not just end with Invisalign; you will need to hold your teeth in their new location with retainers continually.

  1. Love can still have its place even with Invisalign

Love always has a place, so does romance. Though plastics in your mouth makes kissing feel different, most significant others don’t mind.

If you are a guy with Invisalign and you notice your girlfriend is wearing lipstick, ask her to clean it off, or you remove your aligners before getting down to anything.

  1. Choose your Invisalign provider carefully

There are dentists and orthodontists out there, and both can provide treatment with Invisalign braces in London. However, orthodontists have more experience and tools in treating misalignment issues.

You should visit our expert orthodontist that has successfully treated thousands of orthodontic cases with Invisalign.

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