What is the Procedure for Company Registration in Dubai?

The business setup in Dubai is evolving into a structured process which is mandatory for any fresh entrepreneur or foreign investor to do legal activities. The company registration in Dubai can be completed in simple steps and before you get the full information about the procedure, some major facts are necessary to understand.

Why company registration in Dubai Important?

The company registration in Dubai is a legal way to form your enterprise within UAE. There are some reasons which clearly define the importance of Dubai company registration which includes your protection from tax and restrictions.

Another reason for getting your company registered in Dubai is acquiring a key to enter the biggest economic market of UAE. If you are performing legal activities by following the rules issued by Dubai bureaucrats then you will get the protection of your assets, low tax liability, recognition as a legal company, and increases your PR.

Requirements for company registration in Dubai

Some documents are essential to collect, fill and then submit to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). The Dubai Chamber and Dubai Courts also play a major role in approving your documents.

The documents for company registration in Dubai are:

  • Attested Memorandum of Association with your business plan.
  • Passport copies of all business partners and managers.
  • Company profile with all attested papers of investors.
  • All business contact details of the owner.
  • Copy of Emirates Identity card (EID).

You can receive EID from Emirate Identity Authority (EIA) and business consultancy agencies in Dubai can help to compile your attested credentials within days.

Here is the authentic information about company registration Dubai steps:

Procedure for company registration in Dubai

  • Name reservation for your company

The first stage is trademark registration. You need to submit soft copies of the company logo and company name to DED. The company name must be rare and respects the Dubai norms, there should not be any mentioning of religious or political words. The fee for name reservation must be submitted before sending the documents to governmental departments.

  • Securing business land

The second step is finding your business premises and without choosing a location or getting the approval you cannot move to the next phase of company registration Dubai. There are two main districts in which you can set your business enterprise which is mainland and free zone. The mainland has fewer restrictions compared to all thirty free zone sectors of Dubai.

In the mainland, you need a local sponsor for getting 51% ownership of your company. The free zone offers complete 100% ownership to the company possessors which depends on your business type. Select your business location in Mainland by making a deal with local sponsors or complete your paperwork and send them to DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Centre) management.

  • Open a corporate bank

The bank account step is important for your Dubai company registration because when sending dues for any permit the transactions will be done through online banking. Some leading local banks in Dubai can help you to get a loan for a startup and resolve your requirements to complete the registration process. Open a corporate bank account with business consultants in Dubai who can fill your documents with expert professionals.

  • Apply for a trade license

Three major license types are approved by the Dubai government and these are commercial license, professional license, and industrial license. You need to select one of these mentioned license categories based on your business type for company registration Dubai.

The tourism license is also approved by the government but you need special permission from the Ministry of tourism to get this license. The general trading license is a specific permit that can be added in this step if you are planning to trade more than one or two products in Dubai.

  • Search for office/room for rent

Select the office for rent for completing your company registration in Dubai in the mainland or find a Flexi desk in any free zone region. Professional business consultants can guide you to get affordable office rooms and suitable places for warehouses or Flexi desks. After completing all of these necessary steps the last part of the Dubai company registration procedure is collecting and submitting documents to DED.

  • Send documents to DED

The documents which are obligatory to submit on the DED website must contain all of the attested permits, soft copies of bank receipts, and signed papers from local agents. The duration for company registration in Dubai completes within 1 to 2 months but it is advisable to ask professional business consultancy agencies to complete this task within weeks.

How KWSME can help you

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