Thermoshake AC

Unveiling Thermoshake AC: A Triad of Precision – Heat, Cool, and Shake

In the dynamic realm of scientific exploration, where accuracy and efficiency reign supreme, TekMatic presents a groundbreaking innovation that promises to elevate your laboratory processes to unprecedented heights. Imagine a single device that seamlessly integrates precise heating, cooling, and rapid shaking – the Thermoshake AC.

As we embark on this journey to unveil the potential of this remarkable creation, be prepared to revolutionize your approach to liquid handling in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, and clinical chemistry. The Thermoshake AC isn’t just a device; it’s a gateway to unparalleled accuracy, enhanced productivity, and scientific breakthroughs.

Efficiency Redefined: The Thermoshake AC Advantage

  • All-in-One Marvel: It is your ultimate space-saving companion, combining three crucial functions – heating, cooling, and shaking – into a single, compact device. Say goodbye to cluttered lab decks and hello to seamless, efficient workflows.
  • Precision in Motion: Achieving consistent and accurate results is a cornerstone of scientific progress. With this cutting-edge device, you gain control over your sample processing like never before. Define temperatures within a range of 4 °C to 70 °C with an astonishing uniformity and accuracy of 0.3 K. Choose your preferred orbital shaking frequency, ranging from 200 to 3000 rpm, and witness uniform and accurate processing for every single sample.
  • Adaptability Unleashed: Flexibility is the hallmark of innovation. The high-tech gadget embraces this philosophy by accommodating your preferred disposables effortlessly. Thanks to its automated clamping technology, you can employ various format plates without tedious adjustments. Shake plates with clamped lids, puncture sealing foils while maintaining a secure grip – over 200 adapters, custom-made for perfection, are at your disposal.
  • Seamless Integration: Embracing the future of laboratory automation has never been easier. This revolutionary device boasts a compact footprint (104 mm W x 147 mm D x 115 mm H) and a zero positioning function for robotic gripping comfort. Seamlessly integrate it with major deck manufacturers and revel in the plug-and-play experience. With an available API, it is ready to harmonize with your existing setup effortlessly.
  • German Engineering Excellence: Rest assured, the Thermoshake AC is a testament to precision and reliability. Designed, engineered, and meticulously crafted in Germany, each device undergoes stringent quality control measures before it reaches your hands. Backed by a global two-year warranty and comprehensive customer service, including remote support and diagnostic options, the state-of-the-art device aims to minimize operational downtime and maximize your confidence.

Elevate Your Lab Game with Thermoshake AC!

In the ever-evolving landscape of scientific exploration, the Thermoshake AC stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. TekMatic’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions is evident in this transformative device, which encapsulates the power of precise heating, cooling, and shaking in a sleek package. Say farewell to the limitations of traditional liquid handling methods and embrace a future where accuracy, adaptability, and integration converge seamlessly.

As you embark on this scientific journey, equipped with the Thermoshake AC, you’re not just investing in a device – you’re investing in the potential for groundbreaking discoveries, accelerated research timelines, and unparalleled results. Contact us today and let TekMatic empower your scientific endeavors like never before. Join the league of forward-thinking laboratories that have harnessed the power of TekMatic’s ingenuity. Elevate your experiments, enhance your efficiency, and redefine your scientific narrative.