How security screens enhance your Dubai villa while providing insect screen protection

The modern-day insect screens that are used in Dubai villas nowadays do not just protect from insects and bugs, but they are a complete security system. For decades those flimsy mosquito net for doors and windows made out of fibreglass have been used however they simply don’t survive. The net constantly needs to be replaced or repaired every year or two because it gets broken or distorted easily and could not withstand the harsh Dubai weather.

The insect screen Dubai companies are now manufacturing insect screens with completely different raw materials and also with completely new manufacturing technology. These modern insect screens have been termed as ‘safety screens’ or ‘security screens’ because they have multiple other applications apart from just keeping the annoying bugs out of your home.


Let’s discuss how these security screens enhance your Dubai villa while providing insect screen protection.

High-level security

These safety screens when fitted along with existing doors and windows, provide a robust and sturdy solution to replace those repetitively deteriorating flimsy screens found on many Dubai villas. Even if there is are no existing doors, these safety screens are perfect for installing in high traffic areas such as entertainment areas or backyard because it is meant for lasting for years.

The safety screen doors are fitted with a 3-point lock system for added security. These screen doors offer more security than a normal hinged door, so they can be used as garage access doors (popular in the Springs and Arabian Ranches communities) and also as side entry doors. They can be locked like a normal door and it will provide more security than the conventional hinged doors.

The safety screens when installed with the windows of high-rise apartments of Dubai become a key protector of children. The 3-point lock system does not allow children to easily open the windows so they are prevented from falling from off a high-rise apartment. Also, they are pet-proof, dogs’ or cats’ claws won’t tear them or scratch them.

Multifunctional safety screens 

Generally, Dubai villas have different styles of doors like sliding doors, hinged doors, French doors, etc. These modern safety screens can be installed on any style of door. Although the modern insect screens can be fitted with any door style, they go perfectly well along with the sliding screen doors. When these safety screens are attached to the hinged doors, they provide a clear outside view without hindering the ventilation.

Customised colours

The fly screen Dubai companies are now manufacturing the safety screens in such a way that they can blend in with your existing home décor. The modern safety screens come enclosed within a robust aluminium frame which is available in different colours. So, the users can select the perfect matching frames to blend them with the existing colour of the walls and door frames.

Long term warranty

Because of the robust nature of these screens, they come with a long 10yearwarranty. To be honest saying 10 years is just for namesake these safety screens can provide lifetime protection to your home and family along with beautifying your existing home décor.

In summary, the modern safety screen is a great accessory for every family as it provides protection, security and peace of mind.

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