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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Foamex Board To Increase Sales

Is your business experiencing slow growth because of the lockdown? Do you worry about meeting your sales goals? Foamex boards can be used to help accelerate your business’ growth. Here’s how.

Let’s recall what Foamex is.

The PVC foam sheet material is rigid and robust. However, the term “foam” can be misleading as it implies a soft or spongy product. It is effortless to cut; drill, glue, and it can be used in many different ways as an acrylic sheet.

Foamex has excellent mechanical and insulation characteristics, as well as low water absorption and chemical resistance. It is available in a variety of colours. It can withstand temperatures between -10 to + 55 degrees Celsius (the same temperature as the UK).

Foamex comes in various sizes, including 3 mm and 5. The panels in 3mm foamex are the most affordable but still offer a beautiful look and finish. It is a high-quality 1440 dpi print (dots/inch) and comes in various buying options.

  • The signs can be printed single-sided or double-sided.
  • The finish can be matte or gloss (or both).
  • The signs can measure up to 3m wide by 1.22m high

The Basics of Foamex Board

Foam board is the best type of material, versatile, and affordable that anyone has ever fallen in love with. Why? Foam board prints can be used for almost anything you want.

Foam board can be used for mounting up your graphic or image or for direct printing. It is also a great display option. Foam board prints are a cost-effective way to display your pictures without the need for borders.

They also reflect professionalism. 5mm Foamex is resistant to bending, denting, and squashing because of its dense core. How have you had your experiences with prints on foam board?

Foamex Board Prints: Benefits

Are you a business owner? Have children in school? You have likely had the opportunity to use foam board if you answered “yes” to any of these questions.

foamex board printing can be used at home or in businesses to create tables and graphs for meetings, conventions or display your best images on a mounting or collage board.

Foam board makes excellent presentation prints for school projects, such as science fair assignments or any other type. With original and artistic signage, you can promote your business. These are the top uses for foam boards.

Why Use 3mm Foamex For Signs?

  •  It’s simple to cut, drill, and glue.
  •  It is also very flexible because it can be bent and shaped easily.
  •  Foamex is very durable, with a life expectancy of around seven years.
  •  Foamex panels are waterproof and water-repellent, making them ideal for outdoor use.
  • It is also light, making it portable and easy to transport. This is excellent news for those who are advertising at events or shows.
  • Foamex can be attached to walls, stands, and other surfaces easily. Foamex is easy to connect with simple adhesives.
  • Its smooth finish makes it easy to print text, images, and graphics with excellent quality.
  • Foamex is a great value, especially considering its durability.
  • It can also be recycled, so you are saving the planet even if it ends its life!

How Foamex Can Help You Drive Your Business Ahead of The Curve

1. Differentiating Factor

Displaying a catchy advertisement in front of your business can be a great way to make your business stand out.

You can create high-quality graphic designs that are abstract and premium in quality, which will give your store an edge over the rest.

Foamex signs boards can be printed in unique designs. This versatile material will attract enough customers to direct them into your establishment.

2. Value For Money

The exemplary advertisement is the key to effective marketing budget use. However, using expensive banners will not guarantee sales growth.

Instead, choose the right tool for your target audience. Quality and quantity are vital factors in getting enough customer attention.

Foamex boards can be printed in large quantities at a low cost. This will make it easy to get customers’ attention to your business. These Drywipe Foamex Board designs are made from Foamex board printing.

3. Long-Lasting

Foamex boards are made from PVC and have a very long life span. Foamex boards can be used all year round without any maintenance due to their resistance to moisture and corrosive chemicals.

Exposure and impression are guaranteed for customers 24x7x365. You only need to choose the right creative to drive your story forward, then relax and let Foamex do its job.

4. Portability

You can move the signage around to the places you need it. Foamex boards do not have to be fixed in one place throughout a campaign. You may also need to target different locations for advertising. You don’t need to spend large amounts of money on advertising every time.

You can easily remove lightweight advertising material from one place and then put it up in another. These are strong and can withstand any handling or transportation risks.

5. Reusability

Foamex boards can be reused. This involves removing any previously applied images and applying a new graphic that matches your current campaign.

Reusable material can also help you meet your business’s environmental objectives. It will show that you are responsible citizens who do their part in promoting sustainable business growth and reducing carbon emissions.


The design of effective advertisements is just one part. It is essential to plan how the public will see the promotions.

Foamex boards play a crucial role in these decisions, including the choice of location and printing material. The final appearance of your advertisement is important.